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Periodic publishing about breadmaking.
Периодические издания о хлебопечении.

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The magazine is supplied to private and state mills, bakery plants, bakeries and pasta plants. The journal contains research-based recommendations, practical advice and business proposals. Its analytical reviews also provide information on foreign experience in the industry, international exhibitions and meetings. KHLEBOPRODUCTY, a magazine with a 70-year history, is your best partner in the grain and bread industry.

Журнал Хлебородукты Хлебопродукты

Ежемесячный научно-технический и производственный журнал для специалистов зерноперерабатывающих, мукомольных, хлебопекарных, кондитерских и макаронных предприятий. Научные рекомендации, практические советы, деловые предложения, аналитические обзоры, информация о зарубежном опыте, международных выставках и симпозиумах, реклама - все это на страницах нашего журнала, который выходит уже более 70 лет. Журнал "Хлебопродукты" - Ваш лучший партнер в сфере хлебного бизнеса!

Журнал "Пекарня"
Журнал Пекарня.
Издаётся в ФРГ на русском языке

Журнал Хлебопёк
Журнал "Хлебопёк".
Издаётся в Белоруссии

Журнал "Хлеб+Выпечка и кондитерские изднлия"
Журнал "Хлеб+Выпечка"
и кондитерские изделия.

Baking &Snack Журнал Baking&Snack Baking &Snack

Выпускается в США с периодичностью один номер в месяц.

European Baker

European Baker is a thriving bi-monthly magazine available on subscription that targets the volume sector of the bakery industry throughout Europe. The publication carries articles on equipment, ingredients, products and processes plus market trends. A key strength is its technical and science content and analysis of ancillary products.

Журнал Европейчкий пекарь European Baker

"Европейский Пекарь"


Asia-Pacific Baker has been specifically developed for the growing Far Eastern bakery industry designed to serve the craft and smaller scale bakery operations throughout Asia and the Pacific Rim.

Журнал Тихоокеанский пекарь Asia-Pacific Baker ASIA-PACIFIC BAKER

"Азиатско-Тихоокеанский Пекарь"


Biscuit World is a new global magazine serving all aspects of the Biscuit Industry from ingredients to process to packaging.

Журнал Biscuit World BISCUIT WORLD

The industry's only product news tabloid, BAKING BUYER is a showcase of the latest products, baking ingredients, equipment and supplies. Large, colorful pages have clearly marked categories and concise, to-the-point reviews that help you go directly to the information you want.

Журнал Baking Buyer BAKING BUYER

Week after week, MILLING & BAKING NEWS gives you concise reporting on the marketplace...news, analysis and ingredient markets. In-depth news features focus on an ever-increasing set of issues and events important to grain-based foods...federal regulations...consumer trends...corporate strategies...and much, much more!

Журнал Milling&Baking News MILLING & BAKING NEWS
Back Journal (Deutschland) Журнал Back Journal Back Journal (Германия)

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